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Located in Miami, FL. we have over 6,000 different items our super store is one of the largest of its kind int the USA; We ship anywhere in the United States, as well as overseas.  Our huge selections includes  Orisha Tools, Clay and Porcelain Potiches and Soup Tureens, Wooden pylons, mortars, books, statues, Ifa products, fresh herbs and plants, spiritual oils, incenses, baths, perfumes all kind of esoteric products, stones, pendulums, divination products  and much, much more. 

We at Botanica Nena are committed to excellence and customer service is our top priority please feel free to contact us about special order items or items you don’t see in our website, we might have it at our store.  If you are looking for spiritual guidance, a consultation or a reading and you are not in Miami, please feel free to schedule it at (305) 642-4531, we will call you via Skype at the appointment time; You can see our spiritualist and readers in this link: